To encourage healthy eating habits that prioritize human

and environmental health, by...

When the pandemic began, our committee was already planning this initiative. We made the decision to move forward because we recognize that more than ever, people are focused on their health and on the connection between human activity and the greater environment. Click on these links in this section to learn more about why dietary choices matter. 

Why Encourage Reducing Meat Consumption

During a Pandemic?

Raising Awareness...

about how overconsumption of meat impacts human health

and the environment.

Take the Meatless Monday Needham Pledge!

“I pledge to eat healthy plant-based meals every Monday for the next 12 weeks.”​

Scroll down to learn about the health and environmental benefits. 

Helping You Explore... 

healthy and delicious

alternatives to meat.  

 (See the "Recipes" page.)

Creating A Community...


around the global Meatless

Monday effort.

Health Impact

Environmental Impact

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A healthy choice for you and the earth!

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Organizations: Help us create a healthier community

by becoming a Meatless Monday Needham

Partner Organization.

Meatless Monday Needham with Dave Becker

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a fun and memorable evening! Click here for the recipes and to watch a recording of Dave's cooking class.

Surprising Fact: Americans eat, on average, over six times the RED MEAT recommended.

Take the Meatless Monday Needham Pledge



  • Plant-based foods are a healthy choice for you and for the earth.

  • Check out our Recipes page for delicious ideas for your 12-week Meatless Monday adventure.


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Quinoa Veggie Wrap

This delicious wrap is made for a picnic or warm weather

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